Recently an acknowledgement that the ‘wanting to know the great texts’ is connected to the egoic thing of having missed out on learning and wanting to feel well-read and wise. Realised that there’s a lot of reaching and wanting in my exploration of old texts. Remembered zen approach of ‘leave all this – too much mind-work’. People can reach enlightement spontaneously by themseles. Hui Neng was illiterate after all. A lot less about reaching and wanting, more about being where you are and uncovering. Getting close to the enlightened soul within. Looking at the Tao Te Ching, feeling yet again, I am struggling with a difficult text that I’m gonna have to put some time in to study and understand. Stopped myself there and then. Decided not to struggle to finish it or understand it all, just go with whatever catches your attention and speaks to you. Saw a single line –  “without desires, there will be peace”.Old_book_library_ladder_bookshelf_books_desktop_1920x1200_wallpaper-7274.jpg


6 thoughts on “Journal entry 15/1/16

  1. I like that, ‘without desires there is peace’…,made me think of the phrase of when you are happy with nothing you will be happy with everything which served as a reminder to me that once you realise you are enough then the opinion of others and the weight of any negative judgements we have against ourselves cease to exist or matter all that much…it cannot hurt us unless we allow it.. 🙂


  2. I really do appreciate what you’ve said, but . . . ah! The Tao Te Ching! Wonderful little book of wisdom. Perhaps just allow your eyes to breeze across the words and your heart-spirit to absorb the nutrition w/o trying to understand at all? Just a thought.

    BTW, thank you so much for visiting my little corner in the Big World of Blog! All the best to you with blessings!


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