Tonight I had an insight where I kind of saw through all of this learning that I try and stuff myself with. Lately I’ve felt the need to swot up on mindfulness as I’m running workshops with that word in the title. Even though I already soaked up through Eckhart Tolle’s books and videos. He teaches it, he just doesn’t use that word.

But after concentrating on my out-breath (which is a great new tip I picked up) I suddenly I saw through the intimidating aura of all this ‘spirituality’ and ‘wisdom’ contained in these books. I just realised that simply sitting here with no thoughts is all it is. And not calling it anything. I then had a powerful sense of the present moment, like I only do in quick bursts, but the strongest yet. It re-emphasised to me that in all this I’m on a journey to zen.0b80619b467223d212fca0875771cfc1


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