To care deeply about world events is a wonderful and essential thing. But if a piece of news or a political moment feels particularly unbearable, you might feel your emotional reactions affecting your resilience and dimming your light.

This is a great opportunity to observe your feelings without becoming entangled in them to the point where they become disabling. When you notice uncomfortable feelings bubbling up you might find it helps to label them as ‘worry’ or ‘anxiety’. They are familiar feelings that are almost like old aquaintances. You can them acknowledge them but not neccessarily get into a dialogue with them. Just acknowledge them without engaging and watch them slowly fade.

It’s also a good time to distinguish between what you can and can’t change. Resisting what already is will only amplify your sense of discomfort. Acceptance will help you to let go and come into the present moment, where you will find peace. Then you can spend time by doing something you enjoy that takes you away from your busy mind. The peace you generate will also benefit the people around you and the wider world.

Focusing on your breathing takes you back into presence, but I have recently found out that concentrating on the out-breath is particularly calming. Try making that breath a little longer.

Currently reading: Mindfulness for Worriers by Padraig O’Morain


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