Why do I compare myself to others?

man-thinkingFacebook is minefield of potential comparisons with other peoples’ lives (or what they choose to present of them). If we are not feeling great, seeing news from people who appear to ‘have it all’ might lead us to descend into envy and despondency. But we can choose how to respond to these inputs. Just because other people seem happy and fulfilled, that doesn’t mean we can’t be. There is not a finite amount of happiness to go round. We can share in the love and fulfillment we see at a distance, be inspired by it and feel glad for people.

This is a list I wrote to remind myself how to interpret other peoples’ news on social media, tailored to what is important to me in my life. You could do your own.

Musical success
It’s exiting that Liverpool acts are getting recognition. How nice that people I like are getting recognised. How nice, how happy that must make him feel inside. Good to see happiness.
Achievement in projects
That’s interesting. Great idea. They must be very organised! Admirable. I can learn so much from that.
Who’s getting paid gigs
Very good. It’s good to get paid gigs. Well done.
Female attention
Ah, so much love and connection.
Disposable income
That’s their life, this is mine.
Holiday pictures
Beautiful. I’m happy anywhere.
Friendship networks
Lovely to see connection. We’re all the same, all have the same needs. And all are connected.
Fun for them. That’s their thing.
Well-readness                                                                                                                                 Wow. Amazing wisdom they have absorbed!
Poetic reputation/acclaim
Well done!
Magazine success
Not interesting for me. But enjoy what you do.